Le strade del Quartiere Parioli

A seguire, un elenco di tutte le strade attualmente esistenti nel Quartiere Parioli.

Corso di Francia
Viale Liegi
Via Lima
Piazza delle Muse
Via Panama
Viale dei Parioli
Viale Maresciallo Pilsudski
Viale Romania

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  1. hello - i am doing family research from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I am trying to find relatives of a Giovanni Salvadori who worked with Fedexport consortium in the early 1950's. I have photos of him with my father and letters from him to my father dated 1952, but i have no idea who this gentlemen is,or how he met my father. My father never travelled to Italy, so photos must be in usa or canada. Any help most appreciated. The letters are from the address Via Vincenzo Pacardi 1, Rome, Italy. It is crossed out, i guess because it was a personal letter, not business related.


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